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No event is to small or to big for Troncone & Perry's Fusion Bistro & Bakery!!!!

Whatever  you can think of just ask us if we can make it.  Chances are 95% of the time we have the talent and the ability to cook/bake anything.    All you have to do is tell us what the theme of your event is and we will come up with a great tasting menu!!!   Big events may require at least 2- 2 1/2  weeks in advance notice.  Small Events may require at least 96 hours for preps and obtaining the required ingredients.    You will find that we are not only talented and equiped to meet your needs, but it will be one of the most enjoyable and sucessful events you have ever had.  All of our prices are competative with other local services .  Our food is completely from scratch and more traditional than the majority of our competition.  Just try our food and it will speak for itself. 

ETHNIC FOODS-  Not a problem we do all kinds from Italian, Indian, Asian, Greek and any nationality you can think of.  

WEDDING CAKES.... SPECIAL EVENT CAKES.... SWEETS... DESSERT... just tell us what you want and we will provide you with the best quote we can.    All of our items from the bakery are Fresh and Delicious. 



visit our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/TronconePerrysFusionBistroBakery?ref=hl



So here are a few things you have to consider no matter who you use

  1.   Never go by the vendor telling you  their food is the best  or listen to friends expressing their tastes.  Go to the place check out their food  personally. It gives you a bit of satisfaction and security knowing your making a good decision,  And you get a chance to observe their customer service,
  2.  Find out if anyone has any allergies or special dietary concerns,  Vegetarian,Nut allergies or gluten  we can make a special dish for these people so they enjoy their dining experience.
  3. Go disposable  its cheaper, easier  to cleanup.  There are a few nice fancy disposable dishes and culinary utensils.   If you use china and silverware  its expensive to rent plus you have to do a preliminary  rinse each item to get off as much as possible before you return them, 
  4. TABLE cloths  instead of using cloth....   buy disposable vinyl table coverings. We can buy it in roll and it will save you laundry and rental fees 
  5. When asking for a quote ask if they included a gratuity and if not what they would be expecting, if so  ask them the amount .... some caterers will give you a low bid and then they add an exorbenant amount for gratuity.
  6. EXPENSIVE MENU  does not mean quality  so be careful  when thinking your getting great stuff cause your paying a lot, This may not be so.
  7. CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER-  you get what you pay for If you  want quality you may have to pay more,  The caterer has to make a profit so they can stay in business.
  8. Make sure your venue can handle all your guests and has restroom accommodations.. Also make sure you pick a venue that will allow you to bring in anoutside caterer.  Your taking abig risk by having a venue  trell you, you have to use them as a caterer.  Its your day,your plan you shouldnotbeforced to use someone you are not sure will provide the best food choice or quality  Ask for a tasting.,
  9. CATER MUST HAVE A SPECIAL CATERING notation  on their Health Dept license....  if there isnt you could find yourself in a pickle the day of service,
  10. Make sure they are insured they should show proof,
  11. recommend BUFFET style  we dish out entree they pick their side dishes...  its cheaper than individual plating
  12. Get you menu and conditions in writing  with all
  13. Left over policy =  What they have left over you can keep unless you say otherwise. If they tell you they are taking the left overs and you cant have them...ten you should only be charged by how many servings went out.. because the bid included everything they cooked
  14. Have then provide a breakdown of the bill and the terms  in writing,
  15. Be prepared to pay half of the amount as a deposit at least two weeks prior,  the remainder the day before or at the day of event.
  16. Gratuity is left up to the customer,  do not include a be forced into a company dictated gratuity.  Whether you give a gratuity is up to you, 
  17. When you are getting your bid and have your meeting make sure its with an executive of the company.  Many sales people get commission on the total bill so you may be paying more.
  18. This your day and you should have anidea of how you would like things to go,  You are the customer make sure you feel comfortable andtrust the caterer. A difficult caterer can be a nightmare,




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